Brief introduction and Basil

Okay, first, a few things about me. My name is Chris K, I’ve been teaching myself to draw for a few years now, starting with a copy of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain that I got from my brother. After lots of drawing from the assignments in the book and other suggested exercises, in February I started a series of still life drawings of teddy bears and other stuffed animals. And this weekend, I decided to start an art blog to show some of my stuff and talk about drawing.

I’m not going to be exclusive to only show teddy bear stuff here, but I thought it was a fun name for the blog.

So, here’s a portrait of Basil, a bear that I’ve known for many decades at this point. I did this yesterday, mostly in various pencil weights, with colored pencil for the blue decoration pinned to his chest:


Edited: I’ve realized, weeks later, that it makes sense to add comparison photos, so here’s a snapshot of Basil Bear:


I’ve got 25 more drawings to share, so more to come soon!



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