Pounce, the nervous leopard

Pounce has always been a very special stuffed animal. When some of the members of my family started to collect teddy bears, my father tended towards felines instead. Pounce the leopard was one of his first, and it became clear early on that as a small leopard, he had a very nervous disposition. Fortunately, Pugnacious (who I’ll introduce you to later,) made friends with him and made sure that nobody gave Pounce much to worry about. 😉

This was another very simple drawing with graphite pencils. I was mostly focusing on getting the outline and perspective right.




4 thoughts on “Pounce, the nervous leopard

  1. This one turned out particularly cute, in my eyes, and the shadows at the bottom give it a third dimension in a surprisingly simple but effective way. One wants to pick it up, sort of, even though some parts of the head aren’t quite finished.

    By the way, did you know that ordinary cats with irregularly spotted fur actually tend to be more nervous and erratic than the rest?


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