Sort of an A to Z theme reveal…

I didn’t sign up for the proper theme reveal, and I’ve already talked a little about what I’ll be doing for A to Z this year, but since it’s theme reveal day I figured this was a good opportunity to expand on it.

I’ve been learning to draw for a few years now. About a year back, I did a portrait of one of my Mom’s teddy bears, Malcolm Duncan, and I think it worked out rather well. So I’ve drawn a lot of stuffed animals since then, some of which have come out better than others on the drawing.

I’m not going to do only stuffed animals for A to Z this year. A lot of the others are going to be “still lifes”, many inspired by the Everyday Matters drawing challenges.

I hope you enjoy the drawings I’ll be sharing this April, and I’d love to hear from you!


5 thoughts on “Sort of an A to Z theme reveal…

  1. Your bear sketches are so sweet! I get a real sense of love and emotion from them.

    Are there other EDMers doing the A-Z? My first (rather neglected) blog is a sketch blog. The whole Every Day Matters concept got me back to sketching, and I’m so glad! Every now and then I’ll post a something, though I’d say my fashion blog is the one that clamors for my attention. I’m doing a fake journal there this month (in addition to my A-Zs) which involves fashion sketching: SpyGirl

    Thanks for stopping by my A-Z and commenting.
    Happy sketching!
    Anne M Bray, Tartans A-Z from
    Pattern Recognition

    (Yes, I write TOO MANY BLOGS).

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