Z is for Zoo #AtoZchallenge

Hey! So–I guess this is the end of the challenge for this year. Thanks for dropping by and liking or commenting on my drawings. Today I have an animal picture I drew specifically for A to Z–a group portrait for zoo animals only!

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Y is for York Bear #AtoZchallenge

Okay, so… we cheated a little here. York Bear didn’t really have a name until I was planning the A to Z challenge, so we ended up picking a name that started with Y to fit an empty slot. I do think it suits him though.

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U is for Urban Landscape #AtoZChallenge

Okay. This was actually one of the last assignments in the Betty Edwards “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” Workbook, which really helped me as I was first learning to draw. Like I said yesterday, I have trouble getting overwhelmed by detail in any kind of landscape, but I do think there’s some interesting stuff here… Continue reading

T is for Toronto #AtoZchallenge

First off… I actually did T for Toronto the first time I ever did A to Z challenge on my Kelworth Files blog!

I did several drawings on a recent road trip which included 2 days in Toronto. Landscape drawing isn’t something I’m very familiar with, because there are so many details and it’s hard to focus on enough of them to present a convincing picture, but I do like some of these: Continue reading