B is for Bartholomew Bear and a Book #atozchallenge

Bartholomew bear wanted to get drawn propped up against something, so he wouldn’t risk falling over in the middle of his portrait, and picked a book. I don’t think I got the perspective on the book quite right, but Bartholomew himself is better.


Again, all drawn in graphite pencils, including the shading and texture. I didn’t add any color on this one, even for his red bow tie. Bartholemew is one of my bears, although he’s very similar to one who belonged to my father, Macduff; the only real difference is Macduff is larger, so we think that they’re reunited brother bears.


If you were to pick one prop for a portrait of yourself, what would you pick?


4 thoughts on “B is for Bartholomew Bear and a Book #atozchallenge

  1. Oh, good question! I think I would like a shelf with my favourite books as a prop! Or perhaps my painting scaffold and utensils? Or a pile of quilts I have sewn? Or the pile of my published books! (If I had any…) 😀

    Which is the book Bartholomew likes to read or listen to most? Would that one be thick enough? 🙂


  2. I love the idea for this blog, and I’m excited to see what other drawings you produce this month!

    I’d pick a book as my prop as well, except I’d probably be reading it for my portrait. 🙂


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