C is for Cats #AtoZchallenge

I have 3 stuffed cat friends at the moment, (not counting the nervous leopard.) All used to be my father’s. When the rest of us in the family started to get teddy bears, he collected a clutter of cats–though Dad also had some teddy bears later, after his health started to decline.


I drew this picture of Pugnacious with graphite pencils. To be honest, I’m not sure why the background of this scan looks so grey–might have been using a different scanner than usual.


Pugnacious was Dad’s first cat. The word ‘pugnacious’ means prone to fighting, and Pug was definitely a grumpy and ill-tempered cat for a while, but he started to soften a little when he got cat friends, especially little Pounce, (the nervous leopard I mentioned earlier.)


Pamela’s portrait is also in graphite pencil, with a little work in colored pencils for the details of her face and the little bit of her ribbon you can see. I probably only showed blue in one eye as I could actually see it there through the fur.


Pamela is quite a sweet cat, but can still manage a little attitude if you don’t treat her well.


Phoenix’s portrait was also in graphite pencil alone. I think this is back when I was still working on perspective and proportion, and I didn’t even try to add shading. But there’s something in the face I like.


Phoenix was a relatively late addition to Dad’s clutter of cats, and his temperament is probably between Pug’s and Pamela’s–he’s hot tempered but also high-spirited.

Which is your favorite cat? Are you a cat lover or more of a dog person?


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