D is for Malcolm Duncan #atozchallenge

I got the idea of sketching stuffed animals back in February of 2015, and so I took my pencils over to Mom’s place and gave it a try there. Malcolm Duncan is a lovely (and very cuddleable) bear that Mom found while we were on a family vacation in England in the summer of 2008. He does actually have “My First Teddy” decorating his paw, but he really isn’t that; in fact, I think he may be the last bear that she added to her collection, and since she’s been reducing the clutter in her room, he spends most of his time over at my place. I drew him with graphite pencils only, very light and soft lines: no color or anything, even though he has a lovely blue coat:


I really love how Malcolm Duncan’s softness comes through in this picture. It was the one which inspired me to do an extended series of stuffed animal portraits! (I tweaked the image a little to make sure it shows up well on computer monitors…)


There’s quite a long history behind Malcolm Duncan’s name. My Dad got a blue teddy bear when he was in hospital around 1995, and he named that bear Duncan, after the historical Scottish King and the character in the play Macbeth. Duncan ended up going off on an unexpected adventure while at the hospital and never coming back.

Some time later, after Dad was back from the hospital around that time, we got Macduff bear, (Bartholemew’s big brother,) who carried on the tradition of Macbeth names. When we found Malcolm Duncan, he reminded us of the original Malcolm, so Mom wanted to continue the tradition with him. (This was a few years after my Dad passed away.) So she named him after Duncan’s son in the play, whose cause Macduff champions against Macbeth. He isn’t called Malcolm Duncan in the play, or in historical references, so I guess Malcolm Duncan the bear is named after both kings. 🙂


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