H is for Honey Bear #AtoZChallenge

Honey Bear is another well-loved friend who’s been with me for quite a while.


So I tried something different for this portrait–I “toned the ground” with a reddish-brown crayon before starting, and then erased it around his outline. I don’t think this technique worked particularly well with the crayon–I’ve used it to better effect with a graphite stick. It also seems clear that I emphasized his head and left his body very short in comparison.


How would you like other people to see you? How are you afraid that they see you?


6 thoughts on “H is for Honey Bear #AtoZChallenge

  1. I would like people to identify me with what I’m trying so hard to do or learn in the present, not only see what I happen to can or cannot, because those things only reveal my past I might not even deal with anymore. Does that make sense? One of those things I’m trying to do certainly is drawing & painting!

    The technique is worth trying again for sure! It creates a sculptural effect!


  2. I like both the drawing and the original. Really like the colour you’ve used to tone the background.

    I am not sure how people see me, I haven’t thought about the subject. I do what feels right and good to me, how people interpret that (when it affects them) is up to them. I can’t control opinions, don’t think I want to either.

    Best wishes for the rest of the challenge,
    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016


  3. This blog post hit me harder then I thought it would. The issues I have at the moment is that whilst I have been on hormone replacement therapy for 3 years in august and am now starting to sport some very fancy facial fuss, I am still waiting for chest surgery for me. So I get often abuse and stares with people trying to work out what gender I am. And whilst trying to explain I’m male, having a very large chest doubts people. People also assume that I’m probably just a lesbian, which is weird since I’m with my male partner most of the time.
    I think I’m now at the point where I try and not think what people see in me these days.

    Sorry for such a long comment


  4. A very interesting blog. I am not at all gifted with drawing/painting/ etc., so I am totally fascinated with anything like this. I never really think about how I want people to view me physically, but I do think about how I want them to view me as a person. Kind, empathetic, and intelligent.

    Visiting from A-Z


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