I is for Ice Cream #AtoZchallenge

Hey! First off, thanks to everybody who’s visited and left nice comments about my drawings of various Teddy Bears and other stuffed animal friends. We’ve now reached a part of the alphabet where I’m going to be interspersing still life sketches and a few other things, because I didn’t really have a cuddly animal subject beginning with the letter of the day. So, today I present…


Still Life with Ice Cream!

This was something that I picked to draw specifically for this year’s A to Z challenge, inspired by the EDM Challenge list on the Everyday Matters Flickr group.

I did this with graphite pencils, as usual, and tried to pay a lot of attention to the various shadows and shading, as well as to the perspective on the bowl. Added a little detail with a brown colored pencil for the butterscotch syrup.

I’m a big fan of vanilla ice cream, and I don’t think I captured it in all its glory. πŸ˜‰


Do you have one treat that’s your weakness? What would you most want to be able to draw the way you see it?


One thought on “I is for Ice Cream #AtoZchallenge

  1. Hello, fellow EDM artist! πŸ™‚ I would love to be able to draw the various kinds of light reflections on water surfaces in motion!

    And my weakness are raspberries with milk… πŸ˜›

    Your additional questions are awesome!


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