K is for Koala Painter #AtoZchallenge

Koala painter has been a friend of mine for a very long time. To give you an idea, he did get his name from the KoalaPainter graphics program for Commodore 64, which I discovered when I first went to George R Allan grade school for grade 4–I was moved from French Immersion classes at Earl Kitchener to attend the gifted students program. It was quite a momentous change for someone so young, having to take the city bus to school instead of just walking two long-ish blocks down the street, meeting new classmates, but bonding over those fantastic computers and what they could do was something that brought us together.


I used a graphite stick to tone the background for this drawing, then erased it to get white sections like his chest and ears. I think I like the fact that this one is in gray instead of color.


Did you have to change schools when you were very young? What do you remember about that?


One thought on “K is for Koala Painter #AtoZchallenge

  1. I always find the graphite stick how you use it on rough paper mimics the koala fur texture rather well!

    I had to switch schools for the first time in grade 1, as my mom got a job just then. My first 1st grade was all about standing in corners for allegedly being nasty when I really was afraid. With my second half of 1st grade in the other school I became a class member and my lessons began. I, too, had a very long way to school from then on. But it was worth it!


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