L is for Lamp #AtoZChallenge

Okay, another still life today–not a teddy bear, but it’s actually of an object that’s usually close to several bears: the desk lamp I keep on my living room shelves. This is actually a replacement lamp: I managed to break the last one in early November. I tripped over the power cord, knocked it off the shelf, and broke both the CFL bulb and the socket that it went into rather impressive. Found this one at Canadian Tire.


So, let’s see… graphite pencils again, with charcoal pencils to add especially dark blacks in key spots. I guess I was mostly focused on proportions and shading, with a little bit of shadow work. I like how it turned out, though the difference in shading between the charcoal and the heaviest graphite is a little jarring.


3 thoughts on “L is for Lamp #AtoZChallenge

  1. When I saw the preview I was hoping it was a teddy bear-lamp transformer. I guess that was naive of me. Your posts keep reminding me that I should look into taking painting lessons.

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