O is for Owls (Specifically Glimmerfeather) #AtoZChallenge

I’ve already posted about a few of my owl friends in the A to Z challenge, so today’s post is about my first owl, Glimmerfeather. Like Ember, he’s a graduate beanie baby with a smart cap on, and he was given to me after I graduated from York University in 1999. His name is based on a character in CS Lewis’ book “The Silver Chair”, (one of the Narnia books): Glimfeather, who helps the characters get started on their quest after they land in Narnia.


This is one of my earliest animal drawings; done mostly in graphite pencil, with dark orange crayon for the tassel on his hat. (I didn’t have the colored pencils at this point; not sure if I had charcoal pencils.) I like the look on his face, the pattern for his wings, and I used the negative space trick on the hat letters here as well.


When was the last time you graduated to a new stage of your life? Do you have somebody or something that makes you remember that time?


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