T is for Toronto #AtoZchallenge

First off… I actually did T for Toronto the first time I ever did A to Z challenge on my Kelworth Files blog!

I did several drawings on a recent road trip which included 2 days in Toronto. Landscape drawing isn’t something I’m very familiar with, because there are so many details and it’s hard to focus on enough of them to present a convincing picture, but I do like some of these:


As it says, this was done on Ward’s Island, one of the islands close to downtown on Lake Ontario, and looking at the CN tower and the nearby downtown skyline.


Still on the island. Trees are hard to draw!


I especially wanted to visit Cedarvale Park, which I knew would be important for my urban fantasy novel. (Tricia is the main character.)


And this was drawn months after my visit, using a photo and trying to copy my impressions from that. I combined negative space with a sort of “blurring” effect for the letters, of just drawing the general outline of several letters at once instead of individual letter shapes.

Here’s the photo:


And a few other comparison photos:



(I think that’s the same tree… not 100% sure…)



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