Y is for York Bear #AtoZchallenge

Okay, so… we cheated a little here. York Bear didn’t really have a name until I was planning the A to Z challenge, so we ended up picking a name that started with Y to fit an empty slot. I do think it suits him though.


York’s story is an unusual one. Many years ago, a friend asked if he could leave some of his stuff at my apartment, because he had to move to a smaller place. I agreed, and though he’s moved again, he never collected any of it and told me to dispose of it as I see fit. To my surprise, there was a teddy bear in the back of the closet! So I’ve adopted him now.

This drawing is very colorful, with reddish-brown crayon for most of his fur and his green ribbon really stands out. The outlines, as usual, I did in graphite pencil before filling it in.


Have you ever found something special that was left behind or thrown away?


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