Macduff and Bartholemew: Reunited Brother Bears

As I mentioned in my earlier drawing of Bartholemew bear, he and his big brother Macduff came to us separately, but there’s no doubt that they’re closely related.

I like the use of the toned background in this picture, as well as the exaggeration of the slightly grumpy expression on Macduff’s face. (Though I’m not wild about the proportions of the face and head.) And the red bow ties are a nice bit of color.



How would you react to find out you had a sibling you didn’t know about?


One thought on “Macduff and Bartholemew: Reunited Brother Bears

  1. To suddenly find out about a sibling would be soo intriguing! Or could it backfire in a way…? Sounds like great material for a story, no?

    I like how the way you toned the paper shows the softness of their fur so well! Also their expressions, yes! Love these two and their drawing… 🙂


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