Gus Bear

Gus, (or Augustus Gustavius, as he’s called in full,) is my Mom’s dearest bear friend. She got him when I was still fairly young and living at home, and took him on many camping trips and such. I even remember Gus being part of a story where Mom broke her leg at camp and had to stay in the hospital before coming home.

Gus is also a big fan of colorful bandanas, which he wears as neck scarves, and asked Mom to get him some more. He also used to be good friends with Basil bear, though I think they’re not as close as they used to be since I got my own place.

In this drawing, I like the technique of short pencil lines to suggest Gus’ soft white fur, the pink bandanna and the details of his face.



Who would you want to keep you company if you suddenly went to hospital?


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