Taos Toolbox Snow Bear

When I went to the Taos Toolbox writing workshop in the summer of 2015, I think that was the first time I’d taken drawing supplies on an extended trip. It took me more than a week to actually use them, but I did do a couple of drawings that I really like at Taos, and so today I’ll share the first. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos for comparison.

In 2015, the Toolbox workshop was held at Snow Bear, a little ski lodge not far from Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico. It was a great place to gather and write, with lots of little two-bedroom condominium units and a larger section with a long conference room that we used for classes and to gather for meals. And just outside the conference room, there was this sculpture of a standing bear out on the porch. Several of my writer friends had fun dressing up the bear in different ways, and even though he wasn’t a teddy bear, he was an obvious choice for my first Taos drawing.

I really like the way the shading worked out in this piece, and the somber face.


Do you have something precious that reminds you of a trip you took?


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