Taos deer with keys

This is the other picture that I drew at the Taos Toolbox workshop at Snow Bear Lodge in 2015–and again I didn’t take a comparison picture. I seem to remember that there were these deer figurines all over the condo units; certainly there was one in the unit that I shared, and when we first arrived it had our condo keys hanging off its antlers. So I put my keys back to draw with it.

And we actually did see some deer in Taos, though nobody in my class ever saw a living bear there.

I like the way I focused on the shapes in this drawing, especially “paired shapes” like the antlers before and behind, and the two pairs of legs, front and rear. The shape of the one key hanging in front of the deer’s body (and just about in the middle of the entire drawing) is nice too.


What’s the most interesting place you’ve put keys?


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