EDM 328: Minisystem remote, with buttons

This was another early still life off the Everyday Matters challenge list. For “Something with buttons,” I think it didn’t take me long to settle on one of the many remote controls I have lying around. (This is for the minisystem stereo with AM/FM tuner, 5 CD changer and 2 tape decks! 😉 )

I like the way I used color and shape in this drawing, and it may be the first time I tried to “suggest” the shape of letters without drawing them in full. Continue reading


Clip the Rockin’ Unicorn

Hey! So, this isn’t the kind of animal friend that I usually draw, but I’m glad I did. I got this little wooden figurine size rocking horse/unicorn from my Mom, who wanted to declutter her place a little. I’ve named him Clip, after one of the coolest unicorns in the Apprentice Adept books.

I like the use of shading in this drawing, and how I was able to focus on the shape of the letters in my mom’s name instead of on the left-brain meaning of them as letters. Continue reading