A puzzle in shapes and colors

A still life from the same 2015 trip… my friend brought along a toy puzzle shape that I’d never seen before–similar to the Rubik’s cube, with moving pieces and colored surfaces, but instead of a cube it was shaped as a dodecahedron–the shape of a twelve sided die, with regular pentagons for each side!

I like the way I was able to use color in this drawing to show the shapes fitting together, and used outlines to suggest the brown table background without drawing it all in. What puzzles me most, though, is the pink shape over to the left–I remember that the grey one on the right was a nail clipper, but I’m drawing a blank on the pink.

What little mysteries are you puzzled by as you look back on them?


One thought on “A puzzle in shapes and colors

  1. Glad you like “Meffert’s Challenge” so much, it’s my favourite in my collection of those puzzle objects so far!

    Could the pink shape be a reflection from a pink field right above? That’s what I spontanously took it for.

    And little mysteries on the way are the best, no?


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