Unlocking Home – An abstract square

The last exercise in my “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” workbook was to enlarge a small window on an everyday object into a four inch square. This was supposed to introduce us to abstract art by “abstracting” the qualities of a natural or man-made subject and help us get in touch with gestalt perception.

Take a good look at this drawing before I tell you more about my subject. 🙂

Until I just now reread that stuff about “abstracting” elements from what I was drawing, every time I looked at this drawing, I only saw what I’d drawn it based on–the key to my front door, lying on a patterned table-cloth. Now, suddenly, it’s like one of those optical illusion patterns, and I can also see it as a landscape–mountains and hills on the horizons, and thick layered clouds in the sky. That’s really cool!

In either interpretation, I really like the way I was experimenting with hatching and cross-hatching patterns in this picture.

Can you think of a time when you’ve experienced a sudden shift in the way you see something?


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