A to Z challenge 2016: Just in time to reflect–and refract!

Well, I had a great time with the A to Z challenge this year… it was a lot of fun, sharing my drawings with you all. Thank you to everybody who clicked the “Like” button or left a comment!

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to visit many other bloggers this April… hopefully I’ll be able to find the time to fix that before next April!

And, since this is a blog of drawings… I don’t really have a drawing with reflections, but here’s some nice water refractions… Continue reading


Sort of an A to Z theme reveal…

I didn’t sign up for the proper theme reveal, and I’ve already talked a little about what I’ll be doing for A to Z this year, but since it’s theme reveal day I figured this was a good opportunity to expand on it.

I’ve been learning to draw for a few years now. About a year back, I did a portrait of one of my Mom’s teddy bears, Malcolm Duncan, and I think it worked out rather well. So I’ve drawn a lot of stuffed animals since then, some of which have come out better than others on the drawing.

I’m not going to do only stuffed animals for A to Z this year. A lot of the others are going to be “still lifes”, many inspired by the Everyday Matters drawing challenges.

I hope you enjoy the drawings I’ll be sharing this April, and I’d love to hear from you!

Welcome to the A-Z challengers!

Hey, just thought I’d post a little something here since I’ve signed up for the A to Z challenge. I’m Chris, I’ve previously done A-Z with The Kelworth Files, and my author blog. I started this art and drawing blog last year, so hopefully participating in A-Z with drawings this year will help me meet some more drawing bloggers.

I don’t only draw teddy bears, though I do enjoy sketching toy animal friends of all kinds; there’s something about the combination of three-d proportions and somewhat simple cartoonish faces that I find fun. But I’ll be sharing a bunch of other drawings here as we continue on.

So thanks for dropping by! See you in April if not sooner.