Georgian Bay

I resolved to do many drawings while travelling with a visiting friend… a few of the sketches from that trip are in T for Toronto.┬áThis one was the day after we left Toronto and took a boat trip to Beausoleil Island in Georgian Bay. We landed at Honeymoon point, hiked through some of the trails on the north side of the island, and then returned to grab snacks from the cooler and draw…

I’m glad I tried something new with this drawing–and there are several recognizable details!. The stupid boat kept turning around, which was very inconsiderate of whoever was sailing it! Continue reading

U is for Urban Landscape #AtoZChallenge

Okay. This was actually one of the last assignments in the Betty Edwards “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” Workbook, which really helped me as I was first learning to draw. Like I said yesterday, I have trouble getting overwhelmed by detail in any kind of landscape, but I do think there’s some interesting stuff here… Continue reading

T is for Toronto #AtoZchallenge

First off… I actually did T for Toronto the first time I ever did A to Z challenge on my Kelworth Files blog!

I did several drawings on a recent road trip which included 2 days in Toronto. Landscape drawing isn’t something I’m very familiar with, because there are so many details and it’s hard to focus on enough of them to present a convincing picture, but I do like some of these: Continue reading