Loving Lambeth (Featuring a guest artist!)

Hey! I’ve got a special treat for you today. My guest artist is Cerulean Blue, somebody who I’ve shared many drawing adventures with, going back to the exercises from the Betty Edwards book. We both wanted to draw her little toy lamb, much beloved and very loving.

First, here’s my version. I like what I did with shadow and the pointillism technique for Lambeth’s wool.

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Pony in Pajamas–2 versions from different years.

I mentioned Pony in Pajamas and how I won him in a raffle in my post a few days ago on Reynolds Bear. Since I got him at the Browncoat Ball, he’s always reminded me of that moment in “Serenity” when Captain Mal pretends to pray to Buddha and asks for a pony and a rocket.

I’ve drawn two similar portraits of Pony without realizing it; one in the early summer of 2015, and another in the late summer of 2016. I’m fascinated by the different choices I made, both in my color palettes, and in smaller details to include or emphasize. Continue reading

Nnoyd (finally!)

I mentioned Nnoyd in my A to Z post for N, but didn’t have a drawing of him to share at that point. So here he is! He’s been a friend of my mom for years. Since we grew up in a very punny family, she wanted to have “A nnoyd” that she could use to express her frustrations at things. He likes to say “noy noy noy!” when somebody needs to vent, and occasionally flicks his tail when he’s truly annoyed.

I love a lot of things about this drawing, actually–the way the colors of my pencils fit so well, the expression on his face and proportions of his body and the texture of his fur. Continue reading

Panzy and Daniel, the family pandas.

Panzy and Daniel are friends of my mothers’–a mama panda (Panzy) holding her little baby in her arms. They’re quite literally inseparable. 😀 (When I said something similar about Praline and Almond yesterday, that was metaphor.)

I used charcoal to draw their black fur… think I drew the outlines in graphite pencil, then filled in with charcoal pencil. I like the smily on Panzy’s face, the perspective on her head, arms, and Daniel. Continue reading