Sabine, with guest artist

Guest artist Cerulean Blue re-joins us today, and provides a teddy bear as our subject, Sabine.

Here’s my portrait first. I like the way I captured her upper face particularly, and the splashes of color that her patched paws provide.

And here’s Simone’s version, which has some great work in the shadows, and makes her eyes and red snout come alive wonderfully!


Preston, the bear I gave away

Preston was a Christmas gift I sent to a friend, who was then kind enough to have him pose for a photograph so that I could draw him.

I think Preston’s shades of blue and green fur were hard to capture with the shades of pencil crayon I had, but I do like the way the fur effect and the shading comes together to create a shocking effect! Continue reading

Unexpected portrait names: Francis?

So, continuing a bit of a theme here. I found several old scans of portraits I did back in the summer of 2015, several of which have surprising names for familiar faces. For instance, you might remember York bear, who picked his name to help me out with the A to Z challenge. But I’ve got an older drawing of him, calling him “Forgotten Francis!”

I like the combination of the toned-background technique here with the green ribbon!

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Reynolds the little cowboy bear

This little cowboy bear came to me with “Pony in Pajamas;” I won them both in a raffle at the Browncoat Ball in Charlotte, NC in 2010. He’s got a great smile on his face, and took a long time to settle on his name. When I drew this in 2015, I titled the drawing “Nathan the friendly little cowboy bear”, but since then he’s decided that his name is Reynolds.

I love the way I used color and charcoal black together in this drawing. Continue reading

Merlinus Ambrosius Bear

Merlinus Ambrosius is a rather large and very huggable bear. He has a bell near his tail, so that when you pick him up or move him you can hear the faint ringing sound. I think Mom got him just before Gus, but not as early as she had Aura…

I like Bro’s pose in this portrait, his head and most of the proportions, though he does seem to be wider than he usually is.

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Gus Bear

Gus, (or Augustus Gustavius, as he’s called in full,) is my Mom’s dearest bear friend. She got him when I was still fairly young and living at home, and took him on many camping trips and such. I even remember Gus being part of a story where Mom broke her leg at camp and had to stay in the hospital before coming home.

Gus is also a big fan of colorful bandanas, which he wears as neck scarves, and asked Mom to get him some more. He also used to be good friends with Basil bear, though I think they’re not as close as they used to be since I got my own place.

In this drawing, I like the technique of short pencil lines to suggest Gus’ soft white fur, the pink bandanna and the details of his face. Continue reading

Theoderek, the Grey Bear

It took a while for Theoderek to get his true name. My mom’s had him for a while, and for years he was just “Grey Bear” or Greyling or something like that… which was why I wrote Grey Bear on this drawing. But now he’s Theoderek.

I love the perspective on Theoderek’s pose in this portrait, the touch of blue in his ribbon, and the curve of his little smile. Continue reading

Macduff and Bartholemew: Reunited Brother Bears

As I mentioned in my earlier drawing of Bartholemew bear, he and his big brother Macduff came to us separately, but there’s no doubt that they’re closely related.

I like the use of the toned background in this picture, as well as the exaggeration of the slightly grumpy expression on Macduff’s face. (Though I’m not wild about the proportions of the face and head.) And the red bow ties are a nice bit of color. Continue reading

Praline and Almond, best friend bears

Almond and Praline are both lying-down bears who seem vaguely polar-bear-ish in shape, though neither have all white fur. Almond is a he, and he’s my bear, and Praline is a she, she’s my mother’s, but they’re just about inseparable.

I sketched the two of them in very light pencils, and then ended up fiddling with the scan in Picture Manager to see if I could get it to show up better on computer screens. Turning the “midtones” down seemed to help. Continue reading